Hello Mama and welcome to power I am the founder and co-founder Jinger Cloward. Today we’re going to be talking about all things, specifically Mama. So, just a brief introduction of who I am: I am Jinger Cloward, mother of six, as you can see, loads of laundry, which is absolutely true because I roar every time I do it. I am not supposed to say purple heart of the teenage years, not people heart in the teenage years, but it kind of fits too. Definitely have to grow a heart when you have teenagers, as well as, your… I call it my sparkly blonde hair, now some gray in there. I am wiper of noses, finder of socks, Sultan of sheets, and executive chief of the kitchen. Excuse me, executive chef of the kitchen; the chef part is debatable. I graduated from Brigham Young University in home and family living, and I have a love for health and wellness, but my passion is truly for all things home, family, and marriage.

Today we’re going to be sharing; I will be sharing one very small, easy step you can take to better take care of you. Again, why? Because as I said before, Mom, you are extremely important, and this is just one call in the series of four, actually sometimes six. Four Monday calls and then twice a month there is a drum roll, please, a call with my hubby and me. It’s Friday nights, second and fourth Friday; it is called Date Night with Brytt and Jinger. So like I said, this is just the first of a four-week series for powering up your home. We start with moms, we go to kiddos, we go to wellness, and then a soul boost, where we will be talking about a wide variety of things. And each of these soul boosts specifically is; I will be launching what book we will be reading, and then we’ll be discussing it the following month. So, lots of fun.

The Date Night with Brytt and Jinger is from 7 pm to 8 pm MT; you can watch in the comfort of your own home. You’ll need to pre-register, and that will be available to register here probably if not tonight then early tomorrow morning. So it’ll be super, super fun. My hubby and I will be sharing some fun stories, some tips and tricks, and practical applications so that you can have a more powered up, passion-filled marriage because it’s worth it and it’s fabulous. So, it’s gonna be great, so write those things down on your calendar. We’re excited to see you there, and let’s get started.

Oh, there you go. If you’re watching this slide instead of just listening, my hubby and I are there. And if you were on our first call, I told you this is a fun little shot for me. The first big shot, if you can see this picture, is of my husband and me at Hanauma Bay, and we were actually on our honeymoon over 20 years ago. And then, in the top corner, is my hubby and me when we took our kids back to that location about five years ago. And as we were walking up the hill, if you’ve ever been to Hanauma Bay, we’re stepping up the road, leaving, I was like, ‘Honey, we took this picture on our honeymoon years ago. Let’s do it again and then compare.’ And there are some things to compare. Anyway, it’ll be fun, Date Night with Brytt this upcoming Friday.

Okay, going out and beginning with Mama. Mom today, I am talking to you specifically because you are important, and it is the first step. Taking care of you is the first step in taking care of your home, and putting power in you is the first step in putting power into your home. And I will be honest with you, looking at this, Mom, this little cartoon, there’s a mom, and she’s got her cute little baby, and she says, ‘Oh, Earl.’ And the cute little toddler looks up at his mom and says, ‘M.’ And then he honks her nose. And I have to say that motherhood is actually quite a journey. It is a journey for all of us, but it is a very unique journey. And there is something that makes this journey of motherhood super unique than any other thing in life. And that is because it requires or seems to require a constant shift and constant change, requiring us to do the same thing right.

And honestly, it is… whoops, it is actually… hang on just a sec… [Music] Oops, there you go, technical difficulty. Motherhood is designed to constantly change from the minute we are born to the day we die; we go through change. And because we are mothering living things, we will have constant change as a part of our mothering. We’re going to get into this just a little bit more. When I was a young mother, my will for mothering and the processes I wanted to have as a mother would compete with the actual innate processes of mothering or what I call the mother process. I want to race ahead and get a better grip on what was right out in front of me, and it would mess up the flow of the actual innate requirements of mothering.

And seeking to do things better wasn’t necessarily bad, but I would come up with a routine, I would get excited for it, I would have a flow for my life, and then I would get frustrated when someone would stick something into my routine that I had not planned for. Or if somebody would get sick, it would totally throw off my routine. And my hubby, he would come home, and he’d be like, ‘Hey, let’s spontaneously do this.’ And I was like, ‘No, I have a routine and flow, and you’re messing it up.’ And it was frustrating all around, frustrating for me, for people in my life, for my husband, for my children. It was frustrating. And I’m sure that if you are a mother, you have.

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